About Me


My name is Steve

I have been an avid birder, patcher and twitcher for 37 years, now an occasional twitcher, with all aspects of birdwatching and conservation covered.

Birds are my passion and have been since the age of 9 thanks to my late grandfather a very well known old school birdwatcher.

With many enjoyable days out, travelling home and abroad looking for new birds to add to my ever expanding bird list. I restarted my list in 2000 with totals at the moment of 405 on my world list and 336 of 621 BOU in the UK. This is the main reason for starting and running this website which has gone from being my little black book to a very popular global website, with our Car Trips being one of its star attraction's in which we lead a group of up to 10 people to selected UK locations. I have been a former committee member for three different RSPB groups from leading walks, running car trips, main spotter on coach trips and cruises, pointing out birds to RSPB members at numerous reserves all over the UK to helping out at events. 

I am also a bird monitor counting specific species that have declined over the years also monitoring Marsh Tits and Tree Sparrows at numerous sites. 

I've been volunteering for the RSPB for almost 20 years. Also a fellow BTO member spending a lot of my time taking surveys on bird population and bird conservation. A Wader Quest member which is everything wader related even built a hide on a MOD site for the 168 Pioneer Regiment as their Legacy.


We also run a Nest Box Project in which we make, place and monitor mainly Tree Sparrow boxes in woods, farms and even a couple of golf courses all over the Lincolnshire area. We are very passionate about helping our Sparrow's and do all we can to help them out.

I'm a true believer in the birds' welfare above anything else.

My interests are: 

  • Birding off the beaten track
  • Visiting reserves
  • Guiding people 
  • Helping first-time birdwatchers with ID
  • Identification
  • Location and Migration
  • Song, Sub Song and Alarm Call identification
  • Habitat Conservation
  • Monitoring for numerous organisations, private and MOD sites
  • Farmland and Woodland Conservation
  • Talking to farmers about leaving space for birds
  • Breeding and Winter Surveys
  • Optic advise
  • Passeridae sp.
  • Farmland sp.
  • Helping House and Tree Sparrow's

So it would be great to meet you and show you just how much of a passion birds are to me by joining us on one of our free Car Trips