Car trip dates & destinations
  • CT#120 - January - 31st - Friday - Bellmount Tower Woods
Targets: Brambling / Raven 

Notes: no joy with either as very windy and wet, c.7 Brambling were seen on 29th in back part of the wood with countless Chaffinch feeding on birch high in the canopies and on the ground, Raven seen quite regularly from the tower, over sheep fields and heard over the woods.

Highlights: Red Kite x3, Marsh Tit x3 

Total species: 24

Attendees: 5

Targets: Hen Harrier / Merlin

Notes: distant but GTV (good tickable view) of ringtail from Reedbed Hide over VC heading right to left, no joy with Merlin as fighting with the wind was almost impossible, great few hours though once out the wind. Thanks for braving it all that came :) Thanks Reg for the late species :)

Highlights: Hen Harrier (ringtail), Marsh Harrier x3 including a male, Golden Plover (lots)

Total species: 50

Attendees: 6

  • CT#123 - April - 20th - Monday - RSPB Titchwell - Cancelled due to Covid-19

Targets: Bearded Reedling / Great Bittern / Common Crane / Eurasian Hobby

Notes: Firstly great to be back out with the group, superb weather with wall to wall sun, half the reserve was closed due to breeding birds so that was a bit of a bugger but totally respect the reason, we tried for Bittern but no joy, Bearded Tits was a plenty also Hobby which was nice but bird of the day for me was Cuckoo with at least 4 on site, great to see everyone again and already looking forward to #CT126 :) 

Highlights: Bearded Reedling, Eurasian Hobby, Cuckoo, Kingfisher, Marsh Harrier.

Totals species: 55

Attendees: 4

  • CT#126 - July - 31st - Friday - Barkestone Woods - Cancelled

  • CT#127 - August - 24th - Monday - RSPB Frampton Marsh
Targets: Waders

Notes: All targets captured today 😊 

Highlights: Temminck's picked out of thousands of Blackwits & Dunlin briefly was a right bonus, really glad John had views, also Peregrine spooked resting waders which is always a spectacular sight.

Totals species: 65

Attendees: 4

  • CT#128 - September - 25th - Friday - Cancelled

  • CT#129 - October - 26th - Monday - Marston Sewage Works
Targets: Winter Migrants

Notes: Lots of Lesser Redpoll most ever seen in total numbers, all the normal.

Highlights: Lesser Redpoll

Totals species:

Attendees: 5

  • CT#130 - November - 20th - Friday - RSPB Freiston Shore - Cancelled due to Covid-19

  • CT#131 - December - 14th - Monday - tba



Totals species:


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