Helpful hints

Helpful hints on using our site

  Quick phone alignment fix  👇  

We all use different phones so below is a fix to align your screen

We use Google Chrome as this is a google site

On chrome hit the 3 dots top right then hit settings
Scroll down to accessibility 
Then set text scaling to 50% to fit your mobile device

💥 Don't forget to turn your device to landscape 💥

Also try the new Microsoft Edge browser

Laptop and Desktop devices then turn on Dark Reader 

Easier on the eyes with the dark theme

Great for us with sensitive 👀

  South Lincs Archive is no longer associated with the South Lincs RSPB local group.  

This site is designed for tablets, mobiles also compatible with Windows 10.

Our site works best using Google Chrome browser. 

On mobile devices ie Android use Google Chrome with a swipe down refresh.

On mobiles go to settings, accessibility then put text scaling to 50%
Force enable zoom to override the website's request to prevent zooming in. If needed...

Double click page to hide vertical navigation to make the screen bigger on mobiles.
( works best on Chrome browsers on mobiles )

Night viewing on Android devices try Negative colours or
Night Mode on Internet Explorer easier on the eyes
Don't forget to turn your device to landscape view. 

On tablets and mobile devices.
Open our site then click View as Desktop at the bottom of the page. If needed...
( this is to fully open the site and take you to the desktop, not mobile format )
Turn your device to landscape to view in full, Then bookmark the page.
Add to Quick Access, Speed Dial on Opera or add to Home Screen on Chrome.

Pc and Laptop use Google Chrome browser to view this site in full as this is a Google site.
Click View as Desktop at the bottom of the page to open page fully on any device.

Click Recent Site Activity for all the latest site updates.
( this will let you see everything we update or delete and when )

Anything underlined is a link in which a new tab or page will be opened.
All pictures are links and will open a new tab or page.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site, please feel free to comment or leave any feedback...

If anyone is finding any problems with text scaling please do get in touch so we can sort it...